Vitamin C Daily Booster

As some of you may know my skin care routine consists of me making my own skincare products. I did this for various reasons some being the store bought products were too harsh and my skin was irritated or dry, as I have oily acne prone skin.
So after doing a lot of research I mix together and made my own skincare cleanser, toner, and moisturizer all in one. It was the best product and I absolutely loved it for my skin. Since then I’ve found a store bought product that I’ve started to use, which is Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C by Clinique. I use this product in conjunction with my homemade product and it works great.
It helps to keep my skin soft, gives it a glow, and helps with dark spots which has been a struggle for me, but during the last couple of months I have notice a change in my skin. I could see the glow and feel the softness after just one use!
All About It
Vitamin C helps with anti aging, softens skin, brightens, moisturize, and evens texture.
So basically it’s a 7 day vial of vitamin c and you can either mix it in with your moisturizer or you can use it separately by itself. I choose to use it by itself.
It says 7 days but mine lasted for about 2 weeks and I use it the entire time until the bottle was empty. The 7 days is for the strength so its stronger within the 1st 7 days.
How To Use
I wash my face with my homemade cleanser, rinse, and then use my vitamin C.
So whatever step you use your moisturizer this is when you use this product. If you have dark spots use it for at least 2 months and you should notice a difference in your skin.  If you don’t have dark spots this is still a great tool for brighter, softer, and aging skin. You are going to see a change after a few uses!
 This product cost $17.95 at Ulta for an individual. If you get it in a pack of 4 I think its like $74.95 at Ulta. It was worth the cost for me!

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