The ABC’S of Beauty


Beauty comes from within, but when you need to enhance your outer beauty start here.

A – Always use a heat protectant before your blow out. My preferred brands are Kenra blow-dry spray or Ion Heat Protecting Smoothing Spray.

B – Be consistent with your regimen for max results. Most products take weeks or even months to see there true potential. 

C – Clean your makeup brushes weekly with a mild soap and warm water. Then lay them flat to air dry.

D- Do highlight and contour between 2-3 shades from your skin tone and blend.

E – Exfoliate your lips with sugar and jojoba oil to remove dead skin cells and to hydrate. 

F – Fill your lips with lip liner before applying your lipstick for an intense longer lasting color. 

G – Get vinegar or clarifying shampoo if you over tone. Use right after service and it can help to lighten up to 1 level of over toning.

H – Hydrate natural hair by co-washing at least once a week. Also pre poo (condition hair before wetting the hair) can give extra moisture. 

I – Is water your #1 way to moisturize your hair? It should be!

J – Joico K-pak Intense Treatment line is one of my favorites for repairing and hydrating hair.

K – Kinky Curly Curling Custard for defining 3b-4b hair textures is one of my favorite curling products.

L – Limit the amount of protein treatments to once every 3 months. Too much protein can make the hair feel hard.

M – My other favorite curl definer is Design Essentials Curl Forming Custard.

N – Now lets add some milk to your bath for softer skin, thanks to lactic acid. This is an ingredient in cow’s milk that works wonders for your skin. 

O – Oils are great for oily skin as it helps regulate your natural oil production. Jojoba oil is very close to your bodies natural oil.

P – Prepoo (condition your hair while still dry and before shampooing) to prevent hair from getting dry and brittle. 

Q – Quit popping pimples as they may leave acne marks and can cause acne again later.

R – Relieve itchy scalp with tea tree. You can use Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner. I love the way this feels tingly on my scalp. Note tea tree can be drying to the hair so follow up with a moisture method. 

S – Scalp massages with rosemary, olive, and tea tree oil once a week to increase hair growth.

T – Trim your ends every 2-3 months to prevent breakage.

U – Use a facial mask once a week. Get creative with natural ingredients and make it homemade or use bentonite clay mask!  Mask help with blackheads as well as whiteheads. 

V – Very last rinse should be cold. For your face it minimizes the pores and for the hair it closes your cuticle.

W – Whipped Shea– mix shea butter and oils of your choice then use as a hair and/or skin moisturizer. 

X – X out sulfate from your shampoos as it dries out your hair.

Y – Y haven’t your printed this article.

Z – ZZzzz- Clean your face, pineapple your hair and put on a silk/satin scarf.

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