My 9th Month Pregnancy Update

** This post was supposed to be done before i was induced, but time got a little tight so here it goes**
   I’m done with my 9th month of pregnancy yayy and have had my little man. I found out the week before i was due my baby was about 8lbs so they induced me. I had been going to the Dr every week this month. At my last visit I was only 60% effaced and 1 cm dilated, which I had been for 2 weeks. So I wanted to go ahead and write this post on the things I’ve been doing to prepare for my little man and what I’ve experienced my last month.
   I have days where I am soooooo exhausted and drained then days where I have some energy feeling fine. Guess my body is trying to rest up for when he gets here!
   I’ve been having nose bleeds, but only when I blow it. Apparently this is normal during pregnancy something with your blood vessels. It seems like every new symptom is normal lol.
   My feet and ankles have been swelling so bad. Like I can’t tell where my ankle is sometimes lol. After rest and keeping them up they go down.
   I took a breastfeeding class about a few weeks ago and learned a lot of information. They even gave me a book with all the things we went over to review later. This was so helpful learning what to do, how to do it, and what to expect.
  I’ve also cooked a few freezer meals to have when my family is working. I’m sure I am not going to be in the mood to stand in the kitchen cooking a meal. I choose to do a few breakfast options, dinner options, and smoothies.

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