How To Clean Your Makeup Kit

Are you one of those people that put off cleaning your makeup brushes or kit?  Have you had mascara for 3 months? Are you breaking out and don’t know why? Well guess what it’s time to get rid of that old stuff and clean your kit.

 When to throw out old makeup

   Keeping old foundations, not cleaning your brushes, etc. can cause breakouts because it’s building bacteria. Every time you use a product then touch your face with a brush or sponge and back into the product, opens the door for bacteria to grow on your products.

Tip: Use a clean spatcula to dip out cream products. When pumping or pouring out liquids don’t allow your brush to touch.

Here is a chart to easily see when to get rid of that old makeup.

Mascara                                         3 months

Foundation                        1 to 1 1/2 years

Lipstick and lip gloss        1 to 1 1/2 years

Eyeliner pencil                                2 years

Cream and liquid eyeliner         3 months

Eyeshadow powder                        2 years

Eyeshadow cream                             1 year

How to clean your makeup brushes

   Start by using olive oil on a paper towel and rubbing your brushes in it. You can see the makeup starting to come right off. Then using a antibacterial soap, like dawn dish detergent, rub them in your hand under lukewarm water.  Do this until they rinse clear, if not do the same process over again. This is a good simple way to clean your makeup brushes.

   If you have a beauty blender, you can just use the soap and water.
   Real techniques make these cleansing pads that work great and is easy to rinse off afterwards. You just slip the pad on your hand and once the soap is applied brush the dirt away. There are other brands that make similar ones as well. After cleaning, lay your brushes on a paper towel for air dry.

Tip: You should clean your brushes every week. Be sure not to go past the metal part on your brushes, this will cause your bristels to come out and the brush to rust.

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