My Fitness Inspiration

   Since starting my fitness journey a little over 3 years ago, I have been Google and YouTube crazy filling my head with knowledge.
   Over the years my biggest goal was to gain weight like 20 pounds because I’ve always been a skinny girl. I have had ups and downs, gain a couple of pounds lose it be focused then start slacking. So I changed my focus to being healthy and fit. With that i actually ate better meal choices and I have been able to remain consistent with my workouts. I was able to gain a few curves and maintain them (though i am still a slim girl). Now my regime is not perfect. It’s still a working progress but now I know what works for me. One change i made was working out 5 days a week instead of 3, of course with breaks from different muscles groups, but by doing this kept me consistent. Also doing different workouts each day kept me interested and motivated.
   These are a group of ladies that has inspired me one way or another. Either providing me with knowledge, workouts, meal plans, or just being a body goal. But to name a few here we go….
Get Fit With Nic
   She is all about building a fit, healthy, and curvy body outside of the gym, which is the main reason I enjoyed her workouts and look to her for fitness/ body inspiration. She is also a personal trainer.
Instagram: @imnicb
Glute Girl 3 formally Improve Your Female Curves
       She gave a lot of info on achieving my goals. She talks about workout plans, building a bigger butt, how to get started, and more.
   She has taken down some of her info and some may be blocked now, but you can google her and some of her info still comes up.
You Queen
This article I feel gives good info on building a curvier body.
Tammy Hembrow
   She is a fitness influencer on building a butt and fit while pregnant. She is similar to my body shape so she was a body goal inspiration for me, especially now with me being pregnant.
Instagram: @tammyhembrow
Youtube: tammy hembrow

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