What’s In My Hospital Bag

   The time is getting closer for my son’s grand entrance into the world so I packed the hospital bag at 35 weeks.
   I have read so many articles on what to pack for us and my hospital also gave me a list of what to bring, which I think most of them do since all hospitals are different. So with all of that, this is what I have decided pack in our bag.
For baby
2 onesies
2 sleepers
1 going home outfit
1 burp cloth
2 pair of socks
1 hat and mitten had 2 but changed lol
1 swaddle blanket
1 big coming home blanket
Nursing pillow
Car seat
For mom
1 robe
1 gown
2 pajamas
1 going home outfit
2 fussy socks
3 pair of panties
2 nursing bras
Flip flops for the shower
Other essentials 
Snack bag
Camera just used phone
Birth plan
Id and insurance
Some throat lozenges to keep mouth from getting dry during labor

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