7 / 8 Month Pregnancy Update

Okay so i am doing these 2 together because not too much has changed during my 7th month that I felt I needed to write a whole blog for it.

   During my 7th month I did start having the shortness of breath again with faint feelings like I had a few months ago. Apparently this is normal and nothing to worry about. Also the last couple months i have been putting on weight so rapidly it ridiculous. Weight like 10 pounds each month for the last 2 n a half months. And trust me when I say I can feel it because I feel huge. Putting on weight that fast is not good during pregnancy. You could run the risk of preeclampsia and/or your baby being too big for a vaginal delivery. Preeclampsia is diabetes during pregnancy. I don’t have these issues at the moment I am working on normal/ moderate weight gain by eating healthy and not over eating.
   Now in my 8th month, things I’ve been experiencing during my 32-33 weeks are him dropping, I noticed he is lower than before, and Braxton hicks. Braxton Hicks for those who may not know are false contractions. I’ve also been having these sharp pains in my pelvic region. To me it feels like is arm or leg is pushing on something causing sharp pains, not a good feeling at all. My weight is getting back under control gaining about 1-2 pounds per week.
Things I have been doing:
   About 4 weeks ago I went on a tour of the birthplace at the hospital. For me this was very helpful, because the hospital I will be delivering at is so confusing you will definitely get lost if you don’t know where you are going and trying to figure that out while in labor is not something I was trying to do. Also, I am a first time mom so seeing where I’m actually going to be and have the lady going over how things may go during my stay was mind easing to me. I would recommend any first time moms or moms delivering at a new hospital to take the tour.
   Last week I went to take my maternity pictures at jcpenny and they came out great. I love them!! I think they are great quality and the girls did a good job coming up with different poses. I also like that I had the option of putting together collages and ordering them instead of just the single photo, which I did order some singles and some collages!
   I have started putting together my hospital bag, which I will do another article on everything that I’m bringing with me.
Cravings  nothing really, slowing down on the sweets
Body Changes getting bigger, can’t fit a lot of regular pants
Symptoms  faint feelings again, Braxton hicks, lower sharp pains
Belly Button Out 
Other none


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