10 Ways To Relax

   After a long day at work, the only thing i want to do is come home and relax.
    It’s so important to take even just 1 hour for yourself to unwind and distress. Sometimes we can get so caught up with everything we have to do and forget about ourself. I had to remember my health/ well being plays a big part in how i perform at work and in my day to day life, then started making time for me.
   So take time to relax with these 10 tips.
Take a long hot bath
   It’s so soothing to lay in a hot bath soaking while the warm water relaxes your body. Smelling the fragrance from the bubble bath or essential oils. I like to use bath and body works aromatherapy line. This allows your brain to unwind in peace and quiet.
Glass of wine
   Have a drink to ease your mind. I like to relax with a glass of wine, white or red depends on the mood I’m in.
Listen to music
   Escape in the melody with your favorite songs playing. For me when I want to relax with music I turn on Pandora to either esxape radio or k. Michelle radio and listen to some old school and r&b songs.
Get comfy
   This is one of the first thing I do when I get home. Soon as I get out of the shower I find a loose shirt and comfy pants to wear. Helps my mind to think ok you can relax now!
Read a book
   I have loved reading books since I was a little girl. Curl up on the couch or in bed, get into that book you bought last week and have been waiting to read.
Light candles
   With a combination of dem lighting, soft smells, and one of the above can be very calming. Yankee candle has a relaxing ritual collection set to help you get started.
Get into a movie
   Time to pop some popcorn, kick your feet up, and put on your favorite movie.
Turn off your phone
   If you are one of those people that have your phone attached to your hand then this one may be hard for you, but well worth it. Not hearing your phone ring from work, family, friends, or just being on social media may be just what you mind needs.
   Unwind, distress, and zone out with yoga. I used to have insomnia and one of the things I did to help was bedtime yoga. There are many websites or apps that will show you how to do a few poses to relieve stress and relax.
A combination of two or more
   Choosing options like turning off the phone to enjoy that movie, taking a long hot bath with candles lit, or reading a book while sipping a glass of wine can be a better than just one.

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