6 month pregnancy update

This is my last month in my second trimester. I’m still using the same belly products. Now I am in the maternity clothes i previously bought. I haven’t bought a lot of maternity clothes only because I am mostly belly and some pants were bigger so I can just use the rubber band method. I have started having those crazy dizzy/ faint spells again… ugh. I will ask my Dr. next time I go. Something really cute I started noticing my last week is the baby hiccups.  It made me nervous at first cause it kinda feels like a  heartbeat in my lower stomach. So I went to my second dr., Google lol, and other women were describing the same thing said it’s hiccups.
Cravings  Sweets
Body changes  Gaining weight in maternity clothes
Symptoms. Dizzy/ faint spells, pressure and soreness in lower stomach from stretching belly
Belly button  Out
Other Baby hiccups

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