Tips for growing long natural hair

So I have this moisture method I have been trying and getting good results. It’s not the hydration method with the bentonite clay but similar concept.
1. Rinse my hair with warm water to open cuticle
2. Vinegar rinse let sit for 5-7 min
3. Rinse warm water
4. Masque or deep conditioner with water and castor oil or use a penetrating oil for 25-35 min
5. Rinse cold water
6. Leave in conditioner, whipped Shea, and gel
My diy whipped shea has been a staple in my hair care regimen for years. It’s so easy to make and because my hair is so thick and curly it doesn’t weigh it down or leave it very greasy. This is also really great when doing protective styles or styles that dont require daily manipulation.
I mix about 2 cups of raw Shea butter
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup coconut oil can substitute for another oil
And whip it with a mixer until it looks like whipped cream
Scalp massages
Mix 1:1 peppermint oil and tea tree oil with a few drops of olive oil
When massaging hold your head up side down. By doing these massages helps to stimulate your follicles and promote hair growth.

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