My 5 month pregnancy update

I felt the baby move for the first time at 18 weeks!! It was Labor Day Monday and he moved twice!!
So I started breaking out in these weird rashes on the same spot on both sides of my stomach. When I showed them to my mom she says of that’s the pregnancy rash. I’m like the what…. What is that? I’ve never heard of that. So apparently it’s normal. Pregnancy the things we go through right lol. The Aveeno helped with the rash.
I used my bio oil for a few weeks but eventually stopped towards the end of my 5th month. The reason I stopped using this is because my stomach and hips were sooo itchy and I felt this oil wasn’t as thick and moisturizing as I would’ve liked. To help with the itch I bought Aveeno itch relief, which worked great. Daily, I am now only using the whipped shea that I’ve been using since probably about 8-10 weeks. A few times a week I do use Aveeno itch relief just to prevent any itching especially with the winter coming up.
I have bought a couple maternity pants and tops. I tried to wear a pair of pants but was still too big so I’m not in maternity wear just yet.
Cravings sweets
Body changes rashes
Symptoms none
Belly button out
Other none

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